Sleeping during Pregnancy

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Resting and sleeping is vital for us especially during pregnancy. However so often we do not sleep enough and feel tired most of the time… Why? Many of us, pregnant women, want to have life like it was before pregnancy. We want to do as much as we could before… But we are not the same right now and maybe it would be better to take life easier. The pregnancy will go through rather fast and we will be strong again soon. It is not so important to be perfect now… Listen to your body, sleep plenty and you and your baby would be healthier and happier!

If you want to sleep, but cannot, you are not alone! Read here about the benefits of proper sleeping during pregnancy, tips for getting asleep and comfortable positions.

Plenty of Sleep Helps to Stay Healthier

You need to sleep as much as you want during pregnancy. Your body is making the hardest work ever and that is the most important for you right now! Allow your body to rest as much as it requires. You will feel the difference right away – many undesirable symptoms during pregnancy like headaches, tiredness would be solved. You will feel much better, fresher and happier actually.

Proper Sleeping during Pregnancy is Vital for Immune System

Did it happen to you, that ones you did not sleep enough? Next day you were really tired and got cold right away? It happens to me sometimes… When we do not sleep enough whole body does not work properly and immune system becoming weak. Without proper sleeping it is easy to become ill. During pregnancy, when the immune system is weakened already, sleeping enough is not just important, it is vital.

Keeping a Regular Sleep Schedule is Important

Keeping a regular sleep schedule, going to bed and getting up at the same time every day, is very important as well for the healthy body functioning. You know what, I am pregnant and when I am not getting to bed in time, at one moment all of a sudden I feel that I am becoming so tired and ill actually so I almost cannot move! So it is like everything coming together at a time – pain in the back and stomach, contractions, headaches. Baby starts to kick a lot and move around in the belly, like saying me please take care about yourself – go to sleep! In such days whole body suffers from increased nausea and other complications… We need to listen to our bodies and take plenty of sleep, as much as we want!

Sleeping during Pregnancy saves Energy for the Birth

Many women want to sleep really a lot during last weeks of pregnancy and it is normal, the body prepares to the birth. Most of the births go at night and it may happen that you and the baby will need to be awake for a long period of time and not just stay awake, but work hard on the delivery. It is wise to prepare yourself for the birth and take plenty of sleep now, when you can do it.

Take a Nap instead of Catching up with Unnecessary Tasks. Allow your partner to help you

The reason why we do not sleep enough usually is that we want to catch up with the things and do everything before going to sleep. Maybe it is wiser to take things easier during pregnancy, to help yourself and avoid all unnecessary tasks. Your partner may be happy to help you at home and take part in the pregnancy at least this way. We do not need to be perfect in everything now. It is much more essential how we and our babies feel!

Tips for Getting Asleep

If you have problems with getting asleep, walking outdoors and relaxing before going to bed will help you to sleep well.

Relaxation and Deep Breathing Techniques like Prenatal Yoga, Meditation, Visualization or Centering Prayer are helpful for taking everything easier, avoiding destructive negative thoughts and worries and focusing on the joy of welcoming the baby! We usually getting asleep easier if we are relaxed. Try it.

Many women say that it helps to avoid watching TV or sitting in front of computer at least 1 hour before going to sleep. Your favorite relaxing music, bath, maybe reading something pleasurable and easy would do just fine.

Good sex is powerful for getting deep sleep. During pregnancy your hormones jumping like a disco, enjoy its benefits on various and deep orgasms. If you feel tired for sex, you and your partner could give each other relaxing and tender massages. You both and your relationship are changing since you became pregnant. Many women say that their partners were so tender and attentive during their pregnancy like in no other time in life.  Enjoy this special time for both of you!

Comfortable Positions for Laying during Pregnancy

It is not easy to find comfortable positions during pregnancy. Already in the end of the first trimester many women can not sleep on the stomach. It is so hard if it was your regular sleep position…

Then in the end of the  second or beginning of  the third trimester many feel  uncomfortable laying on the back, because the belly is getting so big and heavy. Actually it is even bad to sleep on the back in the end of pregnancy since it can cause problems with breathing, backaches, digestive system, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure and decrease in circulation to your heart and your baby.

So just laying on the sides is an option. It is healthier to sleep on the left side.  It will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. Laying on the left side is also the most comfortable position for many women. You could prefer changing positions during the night seeking for the most comfortable one  for YOU at that particular moment. It is just fine! Try pillows for the support of your abdomen or back. I personally like having a pillow between my legs. It also feel more comfortable for me to have the legs and knees bent.

Listen to your body and enjoy a Good Night Sleep!

If you have some other tricks and tips for sleeping well, please share them with us!

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