Spotting during Pregnancy? Don’t Panic!

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Have you found some blood on your lingerie or toilet paper? Perhaps you are worried about spotting during pregnancy…

spotting during pregnancy

You can relax, little bleeding can be absolutely normal and it is surprisingly common during pregnancy. Here you can read about the possible reasons for spotting during pregnancy.

Some spotting is normal

Some women say that they have never been so scared in their life, when they found some spotting during pregnancy. But you should not worry too much! Midwifes say that if the blood spot is less than 5 cm in diameter, it is absolutely normal and it happens to many women, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Even if the blood appears the next day, but still the spot is small, it is usually no risk for the pregnancy. Avoid negative thoughts about possible miscarriages, relax. It is now the most important for you to keep yourself out of worries.

Stress during pregnancy is really dangerous and the small blood spot is not. Remember, about a quarter of all moms-to-be have some types of bleeding during the first three months of pregnancy and most of them give birth to healthy children. Everything goes just normal and fine!

Most common reasons for spotting

Here are the most common reasons for spotting during pregnancy:

Period during pregnancy

You can get a little bleeding around the time your period would come during pregnancy as well. It happens, when the pregnancy hormones take over from the normal menstrual cycle, but the period continues for a little while anyway. It can happen several times. It is called breakthrough bleeding.

After the implantation at the very beginning of pregnancy, when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus, you may bleed a little over a day or two. This usually occurs around the time that your period was due. It is called implantation bleeding and it can be difficult to distinguish from breakthrough bleeding.

Both reasons for the period during pregnancy are safe for you and your baby.

Softening of the cervix

Some women have very sensitive and tender cervix and it can cause spotting in early pregnancy, if you have sex, internal exam or transvaginal ultrasound. It is safe for you and your baby; just take care about the hygiene.

Hard Bowel Movement

Many women have problems with constipation and they are really straining. It can result in some bleeding. The solution would be to eat more vegetables and fruits and to drink more. It will help to soften the process. It is important to take a good care about your body now, because later in pregnancy constipation could become just worst due to the pressure of the enlarged uterus. Many women end up with the hemorrhoids, which are unpleasant, if not to say horrible!

It is time to take care!

Progesterone Supplements

Many women have harmless spotting or bleeding during pregnancy while taking progesterone supplements.

Useful tips to be on a safe side

To be on a safe side, listen to your body! If you have any pain, feel that your belly is getting hard or if you are just tired, slow down and take a rest. Do not forget to drink plenty of water. Try to walk and breeze around two hours a day. Do what you want, sleep as much as you need.

Relax, your body is making the hardest work ever and that is the most important for you right now!

Help yourself, avoid all unnecessary tasks. You do not need to be perfect in everything now. It is much more essential how you and your baby feel! Your partner may be happy to help you at home and take part in the pregnancy at least this way.

Slow down and enjoy your pregnancy!!!

Have you experienced some bleeding during pregnancy? Please share with us your feelings and it can help you to relax a bit!

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  1. Hope this info helps other… I was so afraid when I got some bleeding during the pregnancy! But it turned out to be ok 🙂

  2. I knew I was pregnant when I saw some spots of blood in my underwear– I did not really feel any other symptoms before that. So for me, seeing the spotting made me glad!

    • That sounds great!