5 Best Tips to Avoid Headaches during Pregnancy

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Do you suffer from headaches? We do understand you!

It is terrible especially during pregnancy, when many other things are so uncomfortable. You know, you could get rid of these bothering symptoms by following 5 essential and easy tips listed below.

There are could be numerous, complicated reasons for your headaches during pregnancy. Most of the symptoms could be minimized or even solved completely by improving a blood circulation inside your brain and whole body. Please read below how to do it.

What helps to get rid of headaches during pregnancy?

Walking Outdoors

It is not easy to take a time for exercises during pregnancy, when we are so tired, especially if we are working. However if we do walk every day and get fresh outdoor air for at least 30 minutes or even better for 2 hours, we do eliminate most of our headaches during pregnancy!

Moreover walking makes us and our babies in the belly much healthier. It is nice to do some light exercises as well, like Pilates, stretching and balancing, swimming. It helps to stay active. Choose what you like the best among the exercise programs designed especially for pregnant women. Mothers who exercise during pregnancy have easier and even shorter labors. Premature birth is two times rarer than for not exercising women. So walking and exercising during pregnancy has numerous benefits and of course helps against headaches.

Plenty of Sleep

You need to sleep as much as you want during pregnancy. Your body is making the hardest work ever and that is the most important for you right now! Allow your body to rest as much as it requires. You will feel the difference right away – many undesirable symptoms during pregnancy like headaches, tiredness would be solved. You will feel much better, healthier and happier actually.

Without proper sleeping it is easy to become ill. During pregnancy, when the immune system is weakened, sleeping enough is not just important, it is vital. Keeping a regular sleep schedule, going to bed and getting up at the same time every day, is very important as well for the healthy body functioning.

If you have problems with getting asleep, walking outdoors and relaxing before going to bed will help you to sleep well.

Read here more about sleeping during pregnancy and it is benefits for you and your baby: http://iduringpregnancy.com/sleeping-during-pregnancy/

Relaxation and Deep Breathing Techniques: Prenatal Yoga, Meditation, Visualization, Centering Prayer

Stress and worries cause headaches very commonly.

When we get to know that “yes, finally we are pregnant” we are happy and excited. At the same time we could be worried since so many changes are coming; so many completely new things should be prepared and organized and so on. Sometimes it could be overwhelming… Moreover some of us would evoke memories from the own childhoods, maybe from a previous complicated pregnancy or birth or even from a previous loss. Do not worry; you have plenty of time, 9 month actually, to prepare yourself mentally and physically!

Relaxation techniques would help you to take everything easy, to avoid destructive negative thoughts and focus on the joy of welcoming the baby!

Deep breathing during yoga would help you as well to improve the blood circulation and get more oxygen to the cells. Actually when we are relaxed we do breath in a different way – deeper and it helps to remove headaches!

Drinking plenty of water

Dehydration is another possible reason for your headaches during pregnancy.

Now we really need to drink plenty of water. Usually our body contains around 5 liters of water, during pregnancy it goes up by 20% and becoming 6 liters instead. The water is vital for both you and your baby since it is needed for the increased blood supply, baby’s amniotic fluid and so on. If woman do not drink enough water during pregnancy it courses many complications including Braxton-Hicks contractions and premature birth.

Drink water, you need it! Around 80 ounces of water daily should be enough. However if you eat a lot of fruits, soups and other foods that contain water, drinking less than 80 ounces could be enough as well.

Caffeine can course headaches as well. During pregnancy caffeine can give many undesirable symptoms to both you and your baby, so doctors recommend drinking maximum 1-2 cups of coffee a day. At the same time it is better to avoid sodas and other carbonated drinks. They contain too much sugar and many of them have caffeine also. Drink instead herbal teas and pure filtered water.

Healthy eating habits

Malnourished, full of junk foods diets during pregnancy can give many problems. If you do not get enough of iron in the food for example, it causes tiredness, headaches and up to faints.

Healthy and well nourished food during pregnancy solves and prevents a lot of symptoms and complications during pregnancy.

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