Getting Pregnant Tips

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If you are thinking about the pregnancy and child birth even before it happens and prepare yourself for it, you could actually control it in a way. Like our thoughts become a reality, the planning of becoming a mom beforehand change many things dramatically. Read here the best getting pregnant tips.

So what could we do to have happy, healthy and successful pregnancy and child birth?

Mental Health

Mental planning beforehand allows us actually to conceive the child, which we want.

Dream about the future!

Imagine how your baby would look like, how would your pregnancy go, how you and your baby would communicate already in the belly, how you both would give a birth. You could plan a sex of your baby if you want. Your future baby would become a part of your everyday thoughts and finally of a real life as well. All these things are possible and even desirable before you conceive, but once you become pregnant, everything is established already. Then it is better to take and love your baby and your pregnancy for what it is!

Think Positive

It helps to have just positive thoughts, surround yourself by pleasurable things, communicate with people whom you really like and who make you happy. It is better to avoid people who make you sad or tired.  Choose closes of light colors, it helps to balance your well being, be relaxed and happy.

Balance your hormones

Try to avoid stress. Stress hormone, adrenaline, interferes with other hormones and disrupts the balance in your body. The hormones control so many things in our life, including your ability to conceive, have healthy and happy life, love your partner, enjoy sex etc.  The hormones work the best when you are relaxed.

Becoming a Mom is a Natural Thing

Our fears and worries are enemies of healthy wellbeing as well. We watch so many extreme cases on TV and in movies, which make us afraid. Try to avoid them. Do not listen to people who tell that the pregnancy and birth are dangerous. Maybe they had a bad experience, but that is not about you! You could have it different! To become a mom of a healthy baby is absolutely natural thing in life. Evolution made this process for women as easy as possible. Our bodies are designed for it. Just listen to yourself, your instincts and follow them.

Getting the Experience from Successful Moms

Talking and communicating with the happy and healthy pregnant women and successful moms helps to tune to the positive future. You will get the feeling of what would happen. Tune to the best and you will get it.

Relax and Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy life with your partner, your love and happiness will influence everything around you. People have been experiencing for centuries that female orgasm, which woman have with the man whom she loves, helps to conceive. Your future baby would become the best wonderful fruit of your love!

Healthy Lifestyle

Influence the Genetics of Your Future Child

It is extremely important to be fit before the conception. At that moment when you conceive the genetics of your future child is established. The better health you and your partner have at that moment, the healthier and smarter would be your child.

Stay Fit and Avoid Problems Afterwards

It is also good for you to have your optimal weight before the conception, because afterwards, when you will be pregnant, it is dangerous to try to reduce the weight. Overweight during pregnancy gives too much problems and complications both for you and your baby.

Healthy Eating Habits

Many nations for centuries try to give the healthiest food to the future parents. It is healthy to have well balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals. Preferring the organic products and avoiding eating junk foods it is the simplest thing you can do.

No Alcohol, Drugs and Smocking

It pays off to reduce if not avoid at all the alcohol and smocking from your life at least during 6 month before the conception. It is actually important for both parents and not just for a mom-to-be as some people think, because the genetics of a future child is influenced by both parents.

Getting Ready Physically

Physical wellbeing and exercising, living in a good ecological environment improves your health as well. It gives you the strength to go through the huge body work during pregnancy and the birth.

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