Getting Pregnant Tips

If you are thinking about the pregnancy and child birth even before it happens and prepare yourself for it, you could actually control it in a way. Like our thoughts become a reality, the planning of becoming a mom beforehand change many things dramatically. Read here the best getting pregnant tips.

Sleeping during Pregnancy

sleeping during pregnancy

Resting and sleeping is vital for us especially during pregnancy. However so often we do not sleep enough and feel tired most of the time… Why? Many of us, pregnant women, want to have life like it was before pregnancy. We want to do as much as we could before… But we are not the same right now and…Read More

Period during Pregnancy

period during pregnancy

Any blood on a lingerie or toilet paper during pregnancy can scary you. Relax, it can be just normal, for example many women have periods during early pregnancy. There are two reasons why period can appear during pregnancy. Possible Reasons for Periods during Pregnancy Breakthrough Bleeding  You can get a little bleeding around the time…Read More

5 Best Tips to Avoid Headaches during Pregnancy

Headaches during Pregnancy

Do you suffer from headaches? We do understand you! It is terrible especially during pregnancy, when many other things are so uncomfortable. You know, you could get rid of these bothering symptoms by following 5 essential and easy tips listed below. There are could be numerous, complicated reasons for your headaches during pregnancy. Most of…Read More

Welcome to “I During Pregnancy”

   My sweet little baby, I am waiting for you!  My sweet little baby, I’m loving you!!!  I am trying to do everything right.  But God, say me what is safe and all right!    The Nature would help us to do it wise!  We take it easy and gonna be fine.  I find it here, the tips and tricks. I need the support and…Read More